All the new Oyster Perpetual replica watches from the Rolex brand

Conservative yet innovative, replica Rolex is an exotic brand. This manufacturer likes to maintain familiar, fixed designs for decades but is always racing in terms of technology and engineering. Rolex watches are always in the top of the most accurate working watches in the village. They possess a smooth, stable and durable movement, but always wear the same familiar appearance as the original.

And so the public was surprised to see the replica Rolex uk brand step out of its comfort zone and do something new in 2020, launching Oyster Perpetual watches with striking colored dials. The newly launched Oyster Perpetual 126000 watch is a specific example. The version currently available at Gia Bao Luxury has a light and elegant candy pink tone.

The Rolex brand uses the number 126000 for all of its new Oyster Perpetual watches in a run of 7 pieces. In which, 5 versions are equipped with lacquer dials with colors ranging from playful new to gentle: yellow, green, blue, coral red and candy pink.

Not only appearing on the Oyster Perpetual 36 line of watches, the more advanced lacquer dial is also available by the Rolex brand on the OP 31 or 41mm series and is available in almost any color. Why most? Since the candy pink dial itself is not present on the Oyster Perpetual 41mm replica watches, it is only used on the brand's mid-sized models of 31 and 36mm.