Men still regularly wear the OP 36mm replica watches

Let's put this into perspective, although it won't affect my future watch buying decisions. But I hate the way Rolex decided to ignore customers who wanted an Oyster Perpetual 41mm with a pink candy dial.

Trust me, this is full of female customers who want an OP 41 with a pink dial. It is not uncommon for women to wear men's watches. Victoria Beckham wears a 40mm solid gold Daytona, and as long as she's beautiful, she has no reason to be afraid to wear an OP 41. What lacks a man to want a watch with a pink dial? What if you see the Oyster Perpetual 41 with its candy pink dial, the handsome singer Binz who will become a loyal Rolex customer in the future?

In fact, men still regularly wear OP 36mm fake watches. The 36mm size has been the standard size for the Rolex brand for many years, and the manufacturer still uses it today for other iconic collections, the Datejust and Day-Date. The Day-Date 36 and Datejust 36 watches still have their own loyal and even overwhelming male fan base. Rolex primarily sells Datejust 36 watches to men, not women.

The combination of the 36mm size and the candy pink dial can amplify femininity even more, which is why I believe many men are afraid to wear the current Rolex Oyster Perpetual 126000 Pink Candy. But if the candy pink dial had a diameter of 41mm, things would be very different.

The sportiness and robustness of the 41mm Oystersteel case have the high ability to overwhelm pale pink femininity, ultimately creating a novel combination that is both masculine and unique. While I know it's hard for Rolex to accept this voice of mine, we still hope that the Crown brand will please the little fans again in the near future, pulling down the curtain of the Oyster Perpetual 41 in pink, candy pink.

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